Want to Become a Nurse? These are the Requirements

Want to Become a Nurse? These are the Requirements

HAVING a job in the health sector, especially becoming a nurse, is a dream for some people. Unfortunately, becoming a professional nurse is not as easy as you imagine.

At least it must meet the criteria for professional education and all kinds of quite lengthy requirements. Even though they are not as popular as doctors, nurses have a big responsibility in completing work and helping patients.

The main thing to become a professional nurse is to complete nursing education first.

After completing nursing education, what you need to know are the requirements to become a nurse. Moreover, you want to work straight away after taking the nursing oath, right? Please pay attention to the following conditions.

1. Graduated from Nursing School

Of course you have to graduate from nursing school first. By completing your education at a nursing school, you can get a diploma so you have permission to work as a nurse.

2. Height

You must meet the minimum height requirements. Women must have a minimum height of 150 cm and men 155 cm. These are the basic requirements of being a nurse.

3. Not Color Blind

Eye health requirements are no less important. Nurses must not have deficiencies in vision, namely not being color blind. A nurse must be able to distinguish colors, because it will be very necessary in her work.

4. Have STR

STR is a registration certificate that you must have if you want to work as a nurse. This letter was obtained after graduating from nursing education and then taking a competency exam which was carried out simultaneously and held by MTKI. The process of getting an STR can take months and must be updated every few years.

5. Has no history of infectious diseases

The next requirement to become a nurse is that you must not have an infectious disease as proven by taking a complete check-up at the hospital where you will work.

6. Pass the Exam as a Nurse

Of course, you also have to pass a written exam held by the hospital where you are applying for the job. This written exam is held directly by the hospital’s personnel department.

7. Don’t easily feel disgusted

You also shouldn’t feel disgusted easily, because working as a nurse will involve various illnesses. Seeing people vomiting, wounds rotting, or various other unpleasant conditions is very possible. So, you have to get used to this situation.

8. Can work with a team

As a nurse you will not work alone but with other nurses and doctors, you can also involve pharmacists or other health sector workers so the ability to work with a team is very necessary.

9. Can work in shifts

A nurse will work shifts in a hospital. So you have to prepare yourself. Can work in the morning, afternoon or evening until we meet again in the morning.

10. Able and willing to adapt to developments in science and technology

Lastly, a nurse must have the ability and willingness to adapt to developments in science and technology. Because the world of health is always developing along with technology, you must always be updated about science and technology and contact careersatphoenixchildrens.

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