Required Apps for Newly Purchased Android in 2023

Required Apps for Newly Purchased Android in 2023

The Android operating system is very rich with applications. In fact, there are so many, sometimes we are confused about which application to install.

Therefore, this time we will review a collection of mandatory applications for Android that must be on your device. These apps are the best in their category and are available for free.

WPS Office

Applications from the office category are the next mandatory Android applications that you must have. Currently there are many office applications on Android that are provided free of charge. However, WPS Office is an application with the most complete features.

WPS Office is equipped with Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation features and can open PDF documents. In addition, this must-have app for Android supports more than 20 file types, has its own file manager, and has excellent gesture functions.

You can also convert files to various formats in this application. WPS Office supports the use of more than 30 different languages. Download the application here.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a very useful application for many purposes. For school children and students, this application will really help the learning process. For those who like to travel abroad, this application can also help to facilitate communication.

Until now, Google Translate can translate more than 70 languages in the world. Apart from translating text, this application can also translate voice, web pages, to foreign writing contained in a photo. You can download the application here.


You are certainly no stranger to WhatsApp. If you live in Indonesia, this application must be installed on your Android phone. The reason is because almost all Indonesian people use WhatsApp to communicate.

You can make video calls, calls or message privately or in groups. You can also share the latest news via WhatsApp status with all your friends or family members. WhatsApp can be downloaded for free here.


Apart from Google Maps, you can rely on Waze for navigation. You can get the latest traffic information via Waze. For example, traffic jams, accidents or even odd-even locations.

With Waze, you can drive safely. Waze provides route guidance with voice prompts too, you know. Interested in using Waze? Download the application via the following link.


The Getcontact application is increasingly popular and widely used. The application has now been downloaded by more than 100 million Android users.

With the Getcontact app, you can track and block callers who make spam calls, so you won’t be bothered. Apart from that, you can also use Getcontact to find out the name of your contact number on the cellphone of your spouse, friends or family.

Getcontact now provides a messenger feature that allows its users to communicate with each other within the application. Download Getcontact for free here.


TikTok is now not only an application for sharing entertainment videos. Through TikTok, you can get a variety of useful information, you know. Yes, now there are many TikTok creators who come from many backgrounds, such as doctors, makeup artists, chefs, and even celebrities.

You can get information about health, the latest news, makeup and skincare reviews, cooking recipes, and much more. More than 500 million Android users have installed TikTok on their phones. The TikTok application can be downloaded via this link.

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