How to Draw Crystals Easily

How to Draw Crystals. Crystal is a solid material of atoms of the same or different elements. The atoms in a crystal are arranged regularly and repeat, creating different patterns.

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Crystals are a luxury and not cheap, especially diamond, alexandrite, and other rare crystals.

Why not learn how to draw a crystal instead? This gives you a crystal on hand without having to spend a penny.

To make it much easier for you, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to draw crystals, summarized in 9 quick and easy steps. Additionally, each guide is accompanied by an illustration to serve as a visual guide as you go through each step individually.

How to Draw Crystals

Step 1

First, draw the first crystal on the paper below.

Draw a horizontal line to form the top of the crystal. Next, draw two diagonal lines going outward from each endpoint of the horizontal line.

Next, extend the lines by drawing two longer diagonal lines angled toward each other. Now draw a wide V-shaped line at the bottom to enclose the figure. At this point, the shape of the first crystal is final.

Step 2

Draw another crystal with a similar shape to the previous one. However, this crystal should be slightly smaller this time than the first one.

Note that the two crystals should be drawn side by side.

Step 3

After drawing the small crystals, let’s draw the larger ones. Continue by drawing an inverted V-shaped line to form the top part of the third crystal. Then, at each endpoint of the V-shaped line, draw a downward diagonal line that slopes toward each other.

This creates the entire body of the crystal. Next, finish the outline of the crystal by drawing a line at the bottom and closing the figure.

If drawn correctly, the shape of this crystal should look like an elongated pentagonal shape.

Step 4

Draw a significantly larger version of the first crystal we drew in the first step. This forms the fourth and final crystal in our drawing.

This crystal should be next to the one we drew in the previous step. Remember that this should be the largest and tallest of all four crystals.

Step 5

Draw a sideways oval shape below, surrounding all four crystals. The back of the oval should not be visible as the crystals will cover it, as shown in the image.

Remember that it should appear as if the crystals are on a circular platform.

Step 6

Details and patterns are the defining characteristics of each crystal, so in this step, we will draw them.

Let’s start filling in the patterns of the largest crystal. Just draw a small V-shaped line at the top of the crystal.

Next, draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across the crystal. Be sure to draw the lines at an angle to match the crystal’s shape.

These lines make the crystal three-dimensional and make it look more realistic!

Step 7

In this step, we will draw the patterns of the other large crystal. The details of this crystal differ from the first mainly because its shape is different.

Draw a vertical line from the pointed edge of the top crystal. Next, draw an angled horizontal line from the edges of the top corner of the crystal that intersects the vertical line.

Step 8

Now let’s add the details of the small crystal on the left. Continue by drawing a V-shaped line at the top of the crystal. Next, draw an oblique horizontal and vertical line that intersects through the crystal body.

The details of this crystal should resemble the patterns on the larger crystal next to it. These two crystals are identical in shape and form, differing only in size.

Step 9

Since the remaining crystal is similar in shape to the other small crystal, you can repeat the previous step. This complements the details and patterns on all four crystals.

When adding details and patterns to a crystal, remember to outline its shape to increase its size merely.

Now that we have successfully drawn the crystals, it’s finally time for the most exciting part. In this last step, we will choose colors and color the crystals!

Crystals come in all sorts of colors. Some of them are even multicolored! This gives you many color options to choose from depending on the type of crystal you are drawing. For example, malachite is green, while rose quartz is pink.

The colors you choose for the crystals in your design are entirely up to you! After all, it’s your work of art!

Your Crystals Drawing is Finished!

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