14 Free Online Finance Courses

Finance plays a vital role in our lives as it ensures that there are sufficient funds to lead a comfortable life. Finance courses will not only aid you to improve your knowledge, but they will also shape you to garner more money in life.

14 Free Online Finance Courses:

  • edX: Foundations of Finance

This course targets to impregnate key concepts of financial knowledge by utilizing real-world-case studies & practitioner interviews.

  •     Future Learn: Finance for Everyone – Smart Tools for Decision-Making

This one will educate you through the fundamentals of finance, working of interest & the significance of stock markets in organizing finances.

  •     Coursera: Introduction to Financial Accounting

This course befits multi-specializations which leads you to move towards business foundation & accounting specialization.

  • Coursera: Introduction to Personal Finance

This course is an overview of a mix of personal finance topics in general, comprising budgeting, credit score, cash flow & setting financial objectives.

  • Coursera: Risk Management in Personal Finance

This course lets you grasp more about how to shield your finances from unanticipated events, including life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, etc.

  •     edX: Introduction to Personal Financial Planning

This one emphasizes your financial planning of personal wealth & the core concepts of financial planning methodology.

  •    edX: Introduction to Corporate Finance

This course encompasses corporate finance. This course will guide you to comprehend the time value of money, capital budgeting & the evaluation of stocks & bonds.

  •     The Fundamental of Business: by Smartly

This one amalgamates a self-guided software methodology with collaborative online case studies & group projects to grip business finances.

  • Future Learn: The Digital Economy- (Finance for Business Growth)

This course especially makes you soak in how to demonstrate financial literacy courses skills in taking wise/smart decisions when handling business finances.

  • edX: Foundations of Modern Finance 1

Understand the basics of modern finance in this course. The candidates will learn about the financial markets including the working of saving, liquidity & investment.

  • edX: Foundations of Modern Finance 2

This course makes you grasp the science behind uncertain financial choices. You will learn the evaluation models along with the basics of modern finance.

  • Coursera: Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Comprehend financial learning by grasping the fundamentals of financial valuation.

The intuitive methodology of this course marks this course outstanding.  

  • Coursera: Saving Money for the Future

This course imbues the essentials of compounding growth, the variables that influence setting objectives like retirement savings, and how much you must save to reach future goals.

  • Harvard Business School: Leading with Finance

This course helps you identify how and why finance is concerned with cash flow & identify how capital markets work & impact your business.


Overall, enrolling in a free finance course can be a great approach to improvise your finances & knowledge. Such courses can offer you a firm foundation to create as you continue your journey to financial success.

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